Code Free At Scale Microsoft Azure Data Factory

Here's a great video on the latest Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) Data Flows.  To summarize, it's very similar to SSIS On-Prem traditional BI.  And you have the "option" to develop "code-free" or you can write your own code.  As in call existing Notebooks with custom code.

There are existing patterns to flow data from variety of sources, apply business rules along the way, perform joins, fitters, blend with other data source, all out of the box.

Have a watch: https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Azure-Friday/Code-free-modern-data-warehouse-using-Azure-Data-Factory

This is available today in public preview (05/14/2019)

Just a quick side note observation, with the drag and drop look and feel, you look at AzureML and they look kind of similar.  What if, they added some of the AzureML features directly into Azure Data Factory, sort of a hybrid of Data Movement and Data Models combined.

You can sort of see the code-free model taking shape, allowing non developers the ability to get stuff done in the data space, both on the ETL and data movement along with adding AI to Power BI.  This will free up developers time to learn the business domain and removes the complexity of being a Data Scientist or Data Engineer.  This should help to evangelize the Data profession by removing the "barrier to entry" and proliferate the world of data.

Thanks for reading~!