Where Do We Go From Here

What attributes allowed mankind to rise to the top of the food chain?

From Jungle dwellers to hunter gatherers in the plains, to farmers to city dwellers to emperors of the remote controlled 60 in plasma television with surround sound.

Maybe it's our primitive brains that assist with instincts, to protect in fight verses flight.  Maybe there's a snake under those leaves, better steer clear of that path.

Maybe it's our ability to align in groups.  Hey, that tiger looks mighty hungry, what do you say we team up and live to see another day.

Maybe it's our opposable thumbs.  We can build tools out of rocks in the shape of points to protect the tribe and find food.

Maybe it's our bi-pedal upright frames, let's see who can outrun that lion, don't have to be the fastest, just not the slowest.

Perhaps one or all of the above will suffice.

Or maybe its something else.  Ability to reason.  

Our brains are designed sort of like databases.  We can retain events and images for long duration, with fairly good memory recall.  So we are good at classifying objects on the fly in real time to determine potential threats.

Our brains can perform logical reasoning quickly, that object over there, where have I seen that, oh, it's a lion, if I remember correctly, they eat humans, that lion looks hungry, maybe I should climb up this tree until he moves along.  Observation + Memory Recall = Action

We can perform actions based on observation of our 5+ senses, scan our internal brain database to past memories, were they favorable or not favorable, and determine correct course of action.

One could logically deduce that as a probable answer to our question.  It's gotten us pretty far in life, scientific inventions, fine art works, music scores, and cinema, universities, placed a person on the moon.

So how do we progress upwards from here.

Logic is a great asset, yet not practical in daily living.  How so?  Here's an example.  Over eating, lack of physical conditioning, insufficient sleep, over drinking or drug use, gambling, and a variety of other items used in moderation, can be harmful if used in excess.  That's sort of common knowledge.  But then again, not everyone complies to the same degree, with varying effects.

So having logic is great, applying logic, not so much.

What about bias.  Bias is when people use personal preferences to determine outcome, sometimes the outcomes are not a true match, given a sample of 100 people, would they get the same outcome, maybe some outliers, but not percentage wise.

Logic is not applied at all times, personal bias gets thrown into the mix.  How then, are we supposed to create artificial intelligence to mimic or surpass human intelligence.  You'd sort of have to add routines or functions to alter the determined outcome by some weighted variable, and then toss a coin.

Humans have climbed to the highest spot on the hierachtical ladder on the planet, is that the final resting place, or can we climb higher.  Can we leverage computers to the next level, and if so, how would that be accomplished.  Will Quantum Computing give us the bandwidth to determine millions of potential outcomes in milliseconds in real life scenarios with real life ramifications for actions.  How would it handle the limitless exceptions.

Let's suppose we were able to do that.  What would be the next level of attainment.  How would existing society be transformed.  What inventions would be created to assist mankind to a better life.

Have we plateau'd as a civilization, condemned to watching re-runs of Gilligan's Island.  Or do we march forward, to the next rung of advanced society.

Where do we go from here.