Spices and Technology Transforming the World for 500 Years

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  Story has it, he was in search of faster route to the Orient to obtain spices.  I'm not sure if he's aware of this, but they have almost half an aisle dedicated to spices on aisle 7 at the supermarket up the street.  Spices are one thing not difficult to find for our generation.

What's our version of the "fastest route to spices".  One could argue that technology is our motor to innovation.  Technology can perform amazing things, crunch numbers, store data, provide instant access to communication, vehicle for online sales, distribution, delivery, you name it.  All those zeros and ones.

Finding a new route to the orient was a complete failure if you're keeping score at home.  Columbus did not find a shorter route.  What he found was a round world.  He altered our view of reality and we never went back.  A true paradigm change shift.

Same with technology.  It would be very difficult to go back to the old way of thinking before smart phones, before internet, before home computers, back to a time with covered wagons, steam engines, muskets and horses.  We have crossed the line in the sand with no intent of return.

Technology has slipped into every crack of existence.  From farming tools, to self driving cars, to purchasing goods and services from hand held phones to doctor visits online.  We have reduced the latency through instant communication with ability to broadcast across the globe with relative ease, basically without the slightest idea of the inner working of network packets and all the other low level details.

There are several technologies still in their infancy.  Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, BlockChain, and Artificial Intelligence.  There's been some initial progress with sporadic increases and its just a matter of time before we see some giant leaps for mankind.  

These technologies will spawn new markets, unforeseen at current time, creating new vendors and new market shares and new players.  Anyone with the knowledge and understanding to work with these technologies can contribute and perhaps be the inventor of the next big thing.  It's a wide open field.  Anyone alive today or perhaps not born yet, could be our version of the next Columbus.  

Could that person be you?

And so it goes~!