Getting Started with Azure Serverless Functions

Today decided to test out Azure Functions.  Functions are stand alone server-less functions that reside on Azure.  Here's a get started link.

In Azure Portal, we select "Create a Resource" --> "Serverless Function App":

Selected Serverless Function App...configured:

Objects were created:

Going to Resource Group, we select our newly created objects:

Viewing Dashboard:

Viewing objects in Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer:

Back in Azure, we can see the Services information:

Create a new Function:

More functions to choose from:

And more functions to choose from:

We selected "HTTP Trigger" which should send back a Response based on a web Request.

New Function:

It dynamically created the output code, we select the hyperlink to copy the URL:

Opened a new browser, appended "&name=Jon which resulted in:

There's also a console which expands, to test the Function, simply copy the URL string, add a Parameter "name" & "JonB", be sure to change to "Get" rather than "Post" as Get allows query string parameters, ran, success!

Can also view the "logs" in real time:

Going back to Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer, we now have more data to view:

Then we deleted the Resource Group which removed all artifacts associated with this example.

Again, here's the link I followed to get started.

As always, thanks for reading~!