Getting Started with Azure Data Studio Extension SERVER DASHBOARD

Azure Data Studio is a new product which is similar to SQL Server Management Studio, yet way cooler.  You can manage traditional SQL Server Databases, write T-SQL Queries, as well as new features.

Azure Data Studio has a plethora of Add-In features.  

In this demo, going to outline a new feature: Server Dashboard for Azure Data Studio

You can find the tutorial steps here as well.

After opening Azure Data Studio, we click on "Extensions" button on the left hand side panel, select "Server Reports":

Next, we execute a statement to Alter our database set QUERY_STORE = ON:

I had to add permissions to the local SQL Database to execute the query, it did run:

Next, in Azure Data Studio, a cool new features select View from the dropdown list, select "Command Palette..." a window opens, a list of commands appear alphabetically, type in "SETTINGS", select "Preferences: Open User Settings":

Next, select Dashboard Database Widgets:

Next, follow the web tutorial instructions:

In Azure Data Studio, you will see 2 panes left and right.  The Left hand side is not editable (you can't eat it!), so what I had to do is copy the contents from Left hand pane, paste into the Right hand pane, splice carefully or the JSON will show red highlight that it's not formatted correctly:

When you close out, it will prompt to save, or click Ctrl+S :

Next, back in the Servers window, select the Server, right click, select "Manage":

A window opens to the right, containing our new widget "SERVER DASHBOARD":

Not much activity on this database, if there were, you can analyze deeper.

And that concludes our demo on Azure Data Studio Extension for Server Dashboard.  There are many other Extensions to download / install as well so this should keep us busy for a while.

Thanks for reading~!