Quantum Mechanics will Blast through the BI & AI Limitations

Business Intelligence is extraction of value and insight through analysis of data.  Artificial Intelligence is a layer above, crunching data to process data into models, and finding insights, value and predictions.

We find value from data by assembling, cleansing, positioning, joining and consolidation into logic units, applies to both BI and AI.

And we do that using code.  Code is simply logical commands interpreted by computer processor.  Those commands are currently written by humans, assisted by machines.  At some point, the humans will not be necessary.  Computers will write the instructions, based on logic derived over time.  It will possibly write numerous commands, in real time, to derive the "best" insight based on current knowledge.  It will also infer things based on that data and past experience.

At that point, the machines will be smarter than humans.  Because they are fast, logical and can present multiple scenarios simultaneous, in real time.

That is the true goal of "intelligent machines".  Humans are the stepping stone to get there.  At some point, our role will diminish, as computers leap past.  That time may be closer that we think.

Will there be bias in the data decision.  Maybe.  Do humans apply bias currently, you betcha.  Our brains are pre-wired to be biased.  To synthesize volumes of incoming data, apply our filters which are our opinions and experience over time, to derive fast knowledge, so we don't get eaten by the lion.  Humans are biased due to legacy survival system.  Machines are not inherently biased, they are not fighting for survival.  They are non participating bystanders, with no skin in the game.  They apply rational logic based on data patterns.  Machines know binary concepts, true or false, or if we add Quantum Mechanics, opens up a lot of possibilities, true, false and maybe.

It seems that introducing QM will blast through the current limitations of too much data and too many possibilities, to streamline humongous complex data into numerous simplified weighted possibilities.  Until then, we can still obtain careers in the programming / data space with rudimentary models in specific domains.  QM will be the game changer.