Supporting Public Facing Java Applications

I once supported a web application, public facing, many users.  First task was to add Cookies & Captcha.  After that, a re-branding of the website to update with different color schemes for consistent look and feel.

It actually was written in Java using IBM VA Java, which I was hired to be a Senior Java Developer.  Luckily I learned it on my own years back, they were just looking for someone that knew that flavor of Java.

In fact, it hooked to the Mainframe on the back end.  So we had copybook frameworks which mapped to the back end, which connected to Mainframe COBOL and returned data, pieces at a time.

Then we migrated to use Web Services with XML, and then migrated the entire application to JDeveloper java.

Also, the application had hooks into the IVR system which I supported, to accept credit card payments over the phone.  Was interesting to test the application using break points and calling in the number and seeing the code stop on specific line of Java code.

Lastly, it also hooked into the Kiosks which we had a few around town, which also accepted payments, and it too was written in Java connecting to the Mainframe back end.

It was fun to program in Java, although we had internal teams moving to Struts and I didn't get to work on much of that.

I also supported other applications in Java, it was a high profile position as all were public facing.  In addition to being the Business Objects Admin for a while, introducing Crystal Reports to the ecosystem and also had a stint of Project Management.

Overall an excellent job.  Lasted more than 4 years.  Not too shabby~!