Train Legacy Programmer or Bring in Expert

Hey there's a hot new technology.  Cutting edge.  Seems really cool.

Yet you work full time for an organization.  That organization doesn't jump into cutting edge technology for variety of reasons.  So you continue to work on code that was hot 5 years ago.

And then, you get wind that a new project is starting.  They'd like to use new technology.  Does the org let you get your feet wet and tackle the new project with new technology.

Or do they bring someone in from the outside that already has experience.

What do you think?

Train legacy programmers or outsource cutting edge technology.

How does one get experience using new technology without having experience using new technology.  That's another age old question.

From what I've seen, some people claim to have experience when they don't.  Others have experience, yet if you look under the hood of code at their "experience" project, its a nightmare.  Yet they get the work, at much higher rate, and the full timer gets to support the app after its thrown over the fence.  And get the bugs out, down the road.  While the guy / gal who wrote it is long gone, making hefty chunk of change.

This is an age old question in the industry and affects lots of programmers.  Yes, the full timer has some degree of stability and job security, steady paycheck.  It's a question each full timer must ask.

And so it goes~!