For Data to Truly Become Valuable

Data is the new Oil.  Data is the new Gold.  Data is the new energy from the Sun.

If so, why haven't citizens latched on to something of such great wealth.  Seems only business' and organizations are reaping benefits of connecting the dots through data to find insights.

Why haven't average Joe's reaped the benefit of data intelligence.

Primarily, they don't have access to their own personal data, yet their data is everywhere.  People don't know where there data is, how to access it, how to consolidate it and how to report on it, to gain insight.

If data is going to really grow into its hype, it needs to trickle into the living rooms of everyday people.  Then, it will truly be of value to everyone.

Currently, only business' are reaping the rewards, using the people's data, sometimes, without their knowing.

And so it goes~!

Throwing in a picture of a deer, cute!