Compete with Autonomous Beings

Autonomous Intelligence is the future.  And here's why.

When you look at any product or service, the most expensive part of the equation is human capital resource.

In ongoing effort to reduce costs and increase profit, from caveman days to printing press to steam engine to factor lines to personal computer to now, the bottom line is what counts.

When you consider movies based on the future, we see some patterns emerge.  Let's take Star Wars as example.  You have some humans directing things from above, and you have Android beings carrying out orders.

Androids are portrayed as non gender specific, they don't use toilets, they don't stop during the day at the bank to do withdraw, because they don't purchase goods or services.  In fact, they own no belongings, which prevents money flowing into the economy on buying goods and services.

In fact, the only things that belong to an Android is their shell or hardware, the software used to run the thing, and its energy supply.

No sick days.  No insurance.  No bathroom breaks.  No maternity leave.  No pensions.  No yearly costs of living increases.  No Unions.  No nothing.  A fixed asset with predictable life span amortized over time with some ongoing maintenance.

How can humans compete with that.  This is just one scenario based on one movies series.  Obviously there's some wiggle room for error and standard deviation.  However, suffice to say, from a cost savings benefit, humans may be sent out to pasture with the printing press, steam engine.

Perhaps time will tell.