Where & How Will Society Be Disrupted

Where will Technology Disrupt Society?


Education - think Students prepared for work life at fraction of Time and Cost.  Electronic Portable Records.

Healthcare - think Medical Records.  Faster Claims processing.  Holistic view of patients.  Doctor Collaboration.

Finance - think new Digital Currency to replace Paper Money across Globe, instant Stock Transactions.

Transportation - think Driver-less Autonomous Vehicles carrying Human passengers as well as Cargo.

Communication - think Instant access to Anybody Anywhere Anytime on Any Device.

Retail - think Instant access to Any Product Delivered promptly.

Insurance - think Faster Claims, Insightful Dynamic Precise Models on Specific Products.

Specific Technologies:

Artificial Intelligence - think Smart Everything connecting the Physical World with Digital World.

Drones - think National Security, Delivery Mechanisms, Photography, Weather, Provide Internet Access Faraway places.

Augmented Reality - think Removal of Boundaries between Internal Mind and External World, where Physical Properties dissolve and Reality Expands beyond Comprehension.

Blockchain - think distributed Ledger, Faster Cheaper Transparent Digital Transactions with Audit Trail.

Quantum Computing - think Simple Solutions to Infinitely Complex Problems, technology trickle into mainstream Development.

Microscopic Technology - think Embedded Chips and Sensors in Things, Cargo, People, Animals to Monitor in Real Time.  Also think Data Storage at the Atomic Levels.