We Replaced You with a Bot

We wrote a ¨bot¨ to replicate your personality.  Took about an hour.  You´re services are no longer needed.

Funny, but possible.

You as an entity, besides all the drama, are designed to work and spend money.  If your job description could be automated, you could be replaced by technology, in one form or another, and you would not have the capital to spend.  No work, no spend.  Then what?

What makes you ¨you¨.  Probably your accumulated experiences and thoughts and patterns and relationships over time.

One thing that´s baked into everyone, are their personal bias.  Your favorite color, your favorite meal, your view of the world is slanted towards your experiences plus your preferences.

If we remove your preferences, and distill your experiences down to simple truths, then combine them with others, a mash of consolidated truths across cultures and ages, we could create a generic intelligence, minus the personal preferences.  The Borg.

Who cares what your favorite color is.  Or your SAT scores.  Or your net worth.  What unique knowledge do you possess that could benefit the group?

Your believe that your are separate being entity, that´s is the mass hallucination we are taught from early age.  Kids are labeled from early age, how well does this child look out for themselves, how good are they are getting what they want, are they ruthless.  That´s considered a good trait, at least when I was growing up.

If you were deep thinker, lost in thought, shy, and didn´t care much for competition, they labeled and tossed you aside, make room for others.

When did we decide that aggressive winner takes all behavior was favorable?  What about those with deficits that can´t compete or choose not to compete?

Society is about to awaken to a new reality.  Job security.  Pensions.  Low cost education.  Expensive healthcare.  Inflation.  Elderly population without savings.

As we approach the perfect storm, we have automation waiting on the wings, ready for their entrance, to take center stage.  People have so much baggage, intelligence systems do not.

Does anyone maintain the belief that their role in society is going to remain in tact?  Just look around, the tides are beginning to shift.  With everyone looking out for themselves, instead of group effort, let´s see how this turns out.

Best of luck!