No Rules, Laws or Ethics for AI, Still?

What is interesting is the same rhetoric time after time.

Data is the new oil.  8 years ago.
Data is the new oil.  7 years ago.
Data is the new oil.  6 years ago.
Data is the new oil.  5 years ago.
Data is the new oil.  4 years ago.
Data is the new oil.  3 years ago.
Data is the new oil.  2 years ago.
Data is the new oil.  1 years ago.

Okay, we know that.  Except its not new news.  It was new news a while back.  Typing an article about it is rehashing old news.  Which other people reported about years ago.

On another note, we read time and again, ¨we really need to architect some type of rules and ethics for Artificial Intelligence¨.

Well, that´s true.  Except it hasn´t been done.  And it should have been done.  And it still isn´t done.

That leaves the door open for nobody writing the rules of law and ethics.

Or, it allows those in the know to write the rules.  Not a great idea to allow the gatekeepers of the technology to write the rule books.  Leave that to letting the credit card companies writing the new bankruptcy laws.

AI will be here before we know it in one form or another.  Without proper rules, laws, etc. we are asking for trouble.  And the fact that people keep saying rules need to be created, amplifies the fact that it hasn´t been done yet.