Early Computers

I have never walked on the moon.  Yet.  Anything is possible.  They say some people landed on the moon back in 1969, just in a nick of time.  To comply with JFK ambitious initiative to start space flight.  That is one small leap.  Quite an accomplishment.

The computers used to in the mission were antiquated as you can imagine, probably not as powerful as a smart phone.

Computers were once limited to NASA, Government Agencies, Universities, Research facilities.  Personal Computers took center stage in the early 1980s.  We had an IBM PC top of the line 1200 buad modem.  Used to dial up BBS download files, find lists, etc.  Early day hackers.

Anyone remember ¨global thermonuclear¨ in the war games movie.  A lone wolf smart kid outwits and outsmarts the greatest minds of the day.  Seems possible, or not.

Hackers have been around since the beginning of computers.  How to outsmart people, processes and systems.

Sort of a mentality of underdog, wits, whatever it takes mentality.  Only downside, in today´s world a hacker will spend time for their crimes.  I was never a hacker.  But one can easily understand the mentality behind them.  Do what can not be done, for fun, on a computer.

Another movie from a while back was ¨Real Genius¨" some smart students discover new ¨ray¨ device in college setting, only to be under minded and sold out by their professor.  I believe the smart kids win in the end.

Then of course there is Robert Redford ¨Sneakers¨ movie about paid hackers that discover great device to crack any code, ¨No more secrets¨:

Computers was once the domain of nerds.  Now, its become big business.  Social skills now required.  Some of us nerds are still working in IT, nerds as in early day computer users and programmers at young age.  It is amazing how embedded computers are in society.  Way back when, if you knew your way around a computer, you were among a unique tribe.  Now, everyone has jumped on board the bandwagon, for good reason.  Computers are the future, and present.  Only question, will humans survive or be cast aside for smart intelligent machines.

We will soon find out...