Crypto Currency Bubble

BitCoin.  I heard about BitCoin a while back.  Was going to purchase a server to Mine BitCoin.

Free Money!

Who doesn´t want that.

Well, if we take a step back for a second.  There are no free meals.  There are suckers born every minute.  History dictates the appearance of manufactured bubbles every so often, to fuel the economy and displace money from the bottom upwards.

Based on this limited subset of information, I chose not to invest in BitCoin.  And now we hear that some big Tech Companies refuse to support BitCoin.  And leading investment advisers, billionaires in fact, shrug off as well.

I hate to be the messenger, but if you want to become wealthy, why not try working hard for it.  Yes, it sure would be a lot easier to lie, steal, cheat or ride the next bubble, but working hard builds character.

Try it, you may like it.

On another note, I would venture to guess that an alternative Crypto currencies appears in the not so distant future, built on similar foundation of BlockChain.  Except it will be regulated and controlled similar to current currency, yet it will cross country boundaries and be accepted worldwide currency.  Or segmented digital currency in North & South America, Europe, Africa, etc..

And who is this guy that created BlockChain.  A mystery man indeed.  Don´t you just love when new technology is created out of thin air by some phantom of the night, doesn´t stick around for accolades and wealth.  Seem funny to you?

Wasn´t there a super hero from another planet that had superior strength and his only downfall was ¨Crypto¨ Night.  Ah who knows.

And so it goes~!