Cavemen, Dirt, Wheelbarrows, Blockchain, CryptoCurrency and AI

Data is the new oil. Sort of a good analogy.

Except new oil is constantly required.  And there is only so many oil wells on the planet.  At some point, they will dry up.

Data is more like the new sunshine.  Chances are the Sun will be around for a very long time.  Giving off light and heat energy for many generations.

You could say we have been collecting data, or let us say dirt, for a long time.  We collect our dirt, store in Buckets.  At some point, someone discovered very large Buckets, or big Buckets (big data).  You can store a whole bunch of dirt in big Buckets.

We still need a way to transport that dirt from one location to another, we use wheel barrows, or ETL for Extract Transform and Load.  We move a pile of dirt from here to over here, we do this every night during ETL process, make copies of dirt over and over.

Next we reinvented a system to store that dirt across vast spaces, totally transparent, with rules to identify if the dirt is allowed to be approved for delivery and transaction, the block-chain.  We will split up the pile of dirt, keep some in varied locations to ensure accuracy and accountability.

Block-chain appears to be a good technology, can be leveraged across many sectors for near real time instant transaction recording, think Insurance, Healthcare, Stock Transfers, Voting Polls.  Block-chain raised its head in the form of Crypto currencies.  Thing to remember, if you control the creation of money, you are well positioned, let us not discount the fact that money printers are not going to relinquish their position any time soon.  So Crypto Currencies many come to fruition, putting dents into the banking system structure, but it will be a controlled currency, across the globe, with fees and specific groups that allow new currency units to be created into economy, all tracked electronically for audit trails and fraud prevention (or fraud creation).

Artificial Intelligence, great concept, to mirror the human brain.  Except as researchers explore the human brain, they realize teaching data models to become guests on Jerry Springer show is not all that great an accomplishment, as humans pretend they are logical, yet lack evidence for such.  Emotional creatures that know best practices, and go to great heights to completely ignore, think diets, savings, exercise, faithful, etc.

Augmented Reality is an up and comer.  As if Real Reality was not strange enough, we created artificial reality, with no holds bar, anything is possible.

Perhaps cavemen and cave women had it best.  Hunt.  Gather.  Mate.  Sit around the campfire.  That does not sound all that bad if you think about it.  Technology has propelled mankind forward, and added new dimension of Temple of Babble by confusing, over complexing, splintering, re-inventing new ways to solve same business problems, for a fee.  Yet that fee drives the economy.  And who could not use a few extra artificial units of currency to display their artificial status in artificial society.

I would say cavemen were just as smart, if not smarter, than today.