Are You A Data Scientist

Data Scientist cropped up a while back, became all the rage.  Here are a few requirements:

  1. Enjoys working with data
  2. Intellectual curiosity
  3. Programming skills
  4. Domain knowledge
  5. Cleanses data
  6. Big data
  7. PhD
  8. Statistical Algorithms
  9. Visualizations
  10. Problem Solver

I would say 20+ years working with data, programming and creating reports is a good skills set and foundation for career in IT.  I do not possess a 7.) PhD nor Masters Degree.  And I have not had much experience with 8.) Statistical Algorithms.

I have no intention of going back to school to earn PhD, that boat sailed years ago.  Adding Statistical Algorithms is just a matter of getting a juicy project in which to work with Statistics and training models in Machine Learning, to officially say I have real world experience as Data Scientist.

We see the rhetoric surrounding FAKE DATA SCIENTIST.  Perhaps they do exist.  Looking at the skills I've acquired over time, it sure looks like they overlap to a high degree.  The probability that I am a Data Scientist is fairly high percentage, plus or minus 3% (snark).  Until I get real world experience, will remain a data jockey.