Slaying Dragons

Have you ever tried to untangle a knot?  It's a difficult task indeed.  You must have patience, attention to detail with meticulous steps to outsmart your tangled knot.

Solving puzzles is sort of fun once in a while.  Especially the difficult ones.

Sometimes at work you get a tough challenge to solve.  Typically with short deadline.  Like the production server is down, could you please fix it, for example.

When solving a problem, its a good idea to have quiet space.  So you can concentrate.  For focus and attention.  However, there are times, before you can fix that problem, you need to fix another problem.  Sometimes related, sometimes dependency's involved, sometimes unrelated.

And before you can work on those issues, you have to fix this, this and this.  So you can imagine, pressure times pressure times pressure.

You have to peel the layers of onion problems to get to the core problem.  These can potentially be stressful situations.  Some people run from these.  Others role up their sleeves and set forth, into the unknown.

When all the messes are cleaned up, the seas quiet down and all is well, you can sit back and reflect, and have meeting to assess damage, how to prevent in future, document, and of course, assign blame.

And when you retire and sitting around, you can think about your war stories, tell people how you got your ulcers and high blood pressure, and slayed many a dragon in your prime.  And that's really all that matters.

Slaying dragons!

And so it goes~!