What is your Most Valued Asset

What is your greatest asset?  Most financial advisors will tell you your home is your most valued asset.  Or your cars.  Or airplanes.  Or portfolio.

I'd say those are indeed great assets.  However, incorrect.

Your most important asset is your mind. 

It's completely expandable and elastic.  Our brains have no limits.  We use a fraction of our brain capacity for the duration of lives.

If we could visualize a person's brain, some might be 500 pounds overweight.  Because they are fed garbage or never used.  Similar to eating junk food, we feed our brains hours of television, never read books or attempt to learn new skills.

Yet other's may be similar to a high powered racecar.  Because they are exercised and finely tuned.  Like the award winning body sculpted Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The key takeaway, each of us has a brain.  It's our choice how we develop it.  We can exercise our minds by learning a musical instrument or foreign language.

The task of memorizing facts is admirable, yet not required for many occupations.  I'd suggest most jobs could be learned within a few weeks and vary slightly over time.  People get into the groove and deathly afraid of change.  How beneficial is that for the mind?

Once you determine that your brain is your best asset, and you take steps to develop, grow and maintain, you'll soon realize that the restrictions you face in life are self imposed.

If you depend on teachers, family or life circumstances for your outcome in life, you become dependent on the system.  And blame everyone within distance for your troubles.

Sorry to break the bad news.  You determine the outcome in life.  And it starts with training the mind.  Because the mind is your most valued asset.  Learning is the key to training the mind.  And there are no limits on learning.  The more you learn, the more in demand you become.  The more in demand, the more opportunities.  The more opportunities, the more freedom.  It also becomes apparent that the more in demand you become, the more salary your earn.

With more money, sure you can purchase a home, cars or airplane. Yet it's the mind that builds the foundation.

So are you going to feed your brain junk food.  Or train it to change your life?

Your move.