In Hot Pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is making strides in the world today.  AI is baked into everyday web sites to predict, classify, cluster and churn through  data.  The thing to remember is this.  Today's AI is considered "weak". 

Computers are not self aware, they are not living beings, they do not have personalities.  This type of AI is considered "general" or AGI.

The experts know the truth of the matter and that is, AGI is a long way off, if not impossible.

The reasons are many.  We are attempting to mimic the human brain.  Nobody really understands the true under workings of the human brain.  And by the way, mimic male or female brain, nobody seems to know.

Is personality based on DNA and genes handed down by generation or is personality derived from culture.  No concrete answers.

Believe it or not, Humans may not be the most intelligent species in the Universe.  Attempting to mimic the Human thought process, may not be a high enough achievement, sorry to break the news.

If AGI beings were developed and were to interact with Humans, they will need to understand our dynamics.  As in Humans tend to not base lives on logic.  Humans are capable of various behaviors such as envy, greed, revenge, favoritism.  It may be difficult for AGI beings to understand how we tick, and may find our behavior quite bizarre.

Your behavior does not computer.  Input parameters do not align with expected output.  The Human processors must have a bug or two and are a few versions past due on their service packs.

Corporations are manmade inventions that possess certain characteristics of Humans.  So too could AGI beings.  Autonomous creations that mimic humans, yet lack accountability.  Do we have guardrails in place to handle downstream anomalies that may arise.

The wheel was a great invention.  As was electricity.  AGI is a technology ready for mainstream and has been for 50+ years.  Like any tool, it can benefit or hinder mankind.

We've already stated that Humans tend to behave in patterns that defy logic.  And perhaps the main concern is who controls the tools and what are the intentions.

Either way you slice it, the pursuit of AGI will continue until solved.

And so it goes~!