Expanding Technology & Production Support vs Development

Here's 48 new technologies you'll need to learn in order to stay current.  Of course, you'll never program in them, as your org is a few releases behind the current version.

But seriously, it's more like 52 new technologies.

Looking back, I've always been in pursuit of cutting edge technology.  The brutal honesty is you program in the languages that your company programs in.

Looking for x # of years in y technology.  Well, I learned it on my own, but haven't programmed in production.  Or you can do what most people do, just make something up.  Yah, I have x years in that language.

The other thing, you also program in the level of technology that you live in.  If you're in Silicon Valley or a hot region, good chance you'll have opportunity to program in cool stuff.  Once learned, probably other orgs to jump to.  Or the opposite, nobody in the region is doing cutting edge stuff.

Another view point, production support.  How many dev's like to support other people's code for a living?  Hello, anybody there?  Nobody likes to support other people's code.

I don't mind production support actually.  I like to step through code and see what it's doing.  Most of my career has been support actually.  Mixed with enhancements to existing apps.  And some new development.

The last 5 years or so has been new development.  Because I've been consulting.  Writing new code for clients.  In fact, last year I wrote Crystal Reports and Business Objects for one client, full life cycle Microsoft Business Intelligence solution for another, a full life cycle Hadoop & SQL Server BI solution for another and finally some new Tableau development.

This year has been mostly Tableau Production Support.  Full circle.

Anyway you slice it, you have to sell what the customer's are buying.  So you have to know a bit about everything.  So get busy learning the 52 new technologies, I'm fairly confident tomorrow there will be more to learn.

And so it goes~!