First try with Amazon AWS

I've been interested to see some other cloud offerings.  So today I registered for an account with Amazon AWS.  You can sign up at no cost, although you must provide your info, credentials and credit card.  They call you to enter a pin number for validation.  Once registered and logged in, you're all set.

So here's a few screen shots of my discovery of Amazon AWS:

Different account types:

Main page:

Monitor spending:



6 Databases to choose from:

Data Warehousing:


Getting started with Redshift DW:

Redshift Documentation:

Amazon AWS Partners:

Tableau integration:

Connect Tableau to Amazon Redshift:


Big Data on AWS:

Amazon EMR:


My first impression is Amazon AWS offers a tremendous Cloud platform when working with data.  I didn't get a chance to poke around on some of the other features within the data space like machine learning.  And there's a ton of other offerings with hosting sites, micro services, static IPs, etc.

And there are many tutorials to get started with the technology of your choosing.  It would seem to me the first step would be to upload files (txt, csv, etc.) to S3.  From there, push/pull the data into a Database and / or Data Warehouse and / or Hadoop.

I'll need to research some common scenarios on best practice techniques.

So my first impression of Amazon AWS is a good one.

And there you have it~!  Thanks for reading...