Long live the great Industrial Revolution

The great Industrial Revolution.  It was sold as the best thing since sliced bread.  Don't wait 6 months for your rocking chair to be built, with IR, you can have it in under a week?  How you ask?  We created assembly lines to produce goods in mass production.

Oh, that sounds great, I'll place an order for a new rocking chair.  Sign me up!

And so, we sent quality to the graveyard, in exchange for faster goods at lower costs.

Fast forward a hundred years, where are we?  We have over production of useless goods, that don't last, and aren't that inexpensive.

First, as we know basic economics, that increased quantity of goods should reduce the price.  That is not what we see in the marketplace.  There's several stores with the exact same business model, with the exact same products, with the exact same price.  Prices do not drop based on increased supply.

Second, the quality of products has decreased to such an extent, sometimes I walk out of the store, deposit the item directly into the rubbish can right outside, why wait to get home and use it once before it breaks.  Quality shmality.  I'm not buying it.  The quality of material is not meant to  last more than a few uses.

Third, have you ever walked down some of the isles of a mega warehouse store.  Ask yourself, how many of these products existed during my grandparents day.  I'd say less than a quarter.  We've invented new products that haven't existed for very long, that are specialized to a specific niche, with 28 different scents or varieties.  In our grandparents day, they didn't have teeth whitener or mildew remover.  They used basic products that actually worked without inflated prices.

Fourth, the packaging has gotten so creative.  When I say creative, I mean deceiving.  The product sizes are slowly shrinking.  While the prices are slowing increasing.  Pay more for less, on products you don't need, which won't last.  Why not put it on credit, can pay it off over the next 7 years.

We've been duped.  Industrial Revolution was supposed to get us the same products faster and less expensive.  What we actually got was crap products that we don't need which don't last at inflated prices.

Luckily, nobody has much money left to spend on goods.  Enter Robots and Artificial Intelligence.  They'll do nicely as a low cost substitute for the tapped out humans.  The new acronym, B2R or Business to Robot.

Long live the great Industrial Revolution.