Few Questions on Proposed Basic Income

Basic Income.  The proposed solution to keep people afloat when they are unable to find gainful employment, at wide scale, due to increased efficiency of automated systems.

Sounds like a good idea.  When you first think about it.  Free money for doing nothing.

Where would the money come from?

How is this different from welfare?

Is healthcare included?

Does the money have to be paid back?

Will people still have to search for work?

How will people spend their days?

How much money is given above the basic costs of living?

Will people have to move to affordable housing?

What about pending debt owed, will that be forgiven?

How will stores stay in business, with less money floating through the economy?

Will education still be required?

Will people turn their assets over to the state, in exchange for basic income?

Will people still be required to pay taxes?

How will government agencies stay afloat with less tax revenue?

Will people be given set rations?

Will the black market expand to exchanges goods for services?

Will the suicide rate increase?

Will a limit on number of children be mandated to curb population?

Will employed people have to give percentage of income to support basic wage for others?

Will people pool their basic income resources for efficiency?

Will they increase the number of Gilligan's Island reruns so we have something to do 24/7?