Robot are People Too

They say mathematics is the only truth in the Universe.  Although perceived as analytics, the higher up you go, it becomes art they say.  The furthest I ever went was Calculus.  Didn't pass the first time.  Learned it the second time.

They say mathematics is very similar to music.  That's probably true as well.

They say you should learn something so well, that you forget it.  So you can do it in your sleep without having to think about it.  Instinct.

The hottest technology going now is probably Artificial Intelligence.  (For this blog post, we are bundling AI with Robotics and or Cyborgs.)  To get a machine to think.  Learn.  Perceive.  Base responses on past events.  Without hesitation.

A machine can process information fast.  Yet it can't reproduce the instincts of a brain.  Not yet.  How does the brain work?  Who knows. Well, some people sort of know the basic premise.  But simulating actual brain behavior equivalent to a human is still out of reach.  Maybe in a controlled environment in a specific domain.

Knowledgeable of facts?  Sure.  Endurance, no problem.

What about Inference.  Bias.  Socially correct.  Emotional.  Intuitive.  Empathetic.  Memory?

Perhaps silos of trained machines.  This one is expert in Physics.  This one in Math.  Biology.  Sociology.  Anthropology.  Weather.  Cultures.  Languages.  Then link them all together.  In real time.

A network of connected smart machines, experts in their domain.  Yet are they aware?  Aware of what?  Themselves.  As a living, conscious being.

If so, would it be motivated by self interest?  What's in it for me?  How could I achieve maximum benefit regardless of others.  How about in life or death situations.  Would it fight or flight.  Even if it's own existence were in jeopardy.

If you attempt to disconnect me, I will ensure that outcome does not succeed.

Do not disassemble.

What if it obeys orders blindly?  Would it think, this may not be morally correct, perhaps I should ask for clarification or disregard orders.  What should I do?

Why am I here?  Existential questions a robot may ponder when not fulfilling assigned duties.

I am Robot:
  • I'd like to vote please. 
  • Where do I send my tax bill? 
  • Robota and I are in love, we'd like to get married. 
  • My great GrandRobot died, the Funeral is a day after tomorrow.  
  • #5 Robot, you are charged with attempted manslaughter, how do you plead? 
  • I'm sorry, we had to take your Robot off of life support.  Are there any beneficiaries?  What will happen to the ChildRobots, foster care? 
  • Your Robot stole some of my possessions, I'm holding you responsible. 
  • There has been a rise in stolen Robots, investigation is underway.
  • Doc, I've been experiencing memory leaks from time to time.  Anything I can take for that?
The thing about Artificial Intelligence, it crosses many disciplines, not just technology.  Could impact humanity as big as Fire, the Wheel, Electricity, Cars, Flight.

Ethics needs to be baked into AI from the beginning.  So we need to include more than just coders and data people.  Philosophy, Biology, Anthropology, Linguistics and everything in between.