Once we have the Insights, what's next?

More sales occurred on Thursdays than Tuesday's in the Month of April.

Red shirts sold more than blue shirts.

Bob sold more units in June than Fred.

Second quarter was the strongest last year.

People bought a second product when given a coupon more often than with no coupon.

Thought I'd share some insights.  They were derived by churning mounds of data into insights.  I made it easy and went to the final product, hid all the ETL, business rules, data flows, technical jargon.

So, what are we going to do with our newfound insights?

I suppose that's a question that may need to be answered.  If Data Science is going to propel us into new heights, and you now have those nuggets of insight, how come we aren't there yet.

Transform data into information into insights for consumption and downstream action to increase sales, reduce costs and streamline process.  That's the goal.

How do we get from Insights to Strategic Action to real Impact?