Install SSDT Data Tools for Visual Studio with no Internet Connection

In order to install SSDT Data Tools for Visual Studio, with no internet connection, it is possible:


    Once downloaded, run the following command using an administrator command prompt (cmd.exe run as administrator):

    SSDTSetup.exe /layout

    Where is the location you wish to create the administrative install point (e.g on a USB drive, a LAN drive or other accessible location). NOTE: You will need approximately 1.8GB of free space at for the full install point because it includes all possible components that might be required.

To use the install point once created, simply run SSDTSetup.exe from the location with no arguments. This will use the install point rather than attempting to download new copies of the relevant chained components.
Have to run from Dos (administrator), extract the files to another folder:

Then cancel the installation in progress, drill into new folder (temp) and run from Dos (administrator) same window, but run from the temp directory:

 Copied folder to c:\temp\ssdt along with 2 folders (payload & ssdt):

Now you can develop SSIS, SSRS, SSAS and Tabular projects.