Hortonworks Certified Associate

I signed up for the Hortonworks Certified Associate exam last Thursday.  Figured if I sign up, I'd have to take the test.  And if I take the test, I could pass.  In order to pass, I'd better study.

So I studied a bit on Friday.  And Saturday.

And 9am on Sunday, logged on to the test site, seated from my office, out by the pool.  When you log on, they ask you to share your desktop.  And your camera & microphone.

Then you are instructed to pan the camera 365 degrees as well as the desktop.  Once I checked out, the exam started.  41 questions.

Most questions, I knew the answer immediately.  There were a few I wasn't sure, those must have been the ones I got incorrect.

You get an hour, but I completed in just over 25 minutes.  Scored 82%.  If you earn over 75% you pass.

So I officially passed the first test for Hortonworks Certified Associate.  

And I've been getting some Hadoop real world experience on my current project with HDFS, Hive, Pig, Polybase.

I actually learned Hadoop in 2012 at a prior job, took the 2 week class with a bunch of other developers.  Just took a while to get a good project.