Getting Started with Hortonworks Certification Program

If you are interested in getting certified in Hadoop, Hortonworks offers a complete Certification path.  You can get started here.

They have a few paths to choose from:

HDP Certified Developer

HDP Certified Apache Spark Developer

HDP Certified Java Developer

HDP Certified Administrator

Hortonworks Certified Associate

I started on the Hortonworks Certification path last week with the HCA exam, I blogged about it here.

I think the next exam I'd like to try is The HDPCD Exam

Here's the Cert Sheet

And Exam Objectives.

And the HDP Certified Professional FAQ

And Guide for Attempting an HDP Certification Practice Exam where you can take a sample "practice" test on AWS, just charged for usage time at minimal rate.

And you can register for the exam here, must use Credit Card to secure the cost of the exam.

I'm thinking this Certification would make the most sense as I have some experience with HDFS, Hive, Pig and a bit of Flume.  They also have the Spark Certification, which is great, but I'm into the movement of data within HDFS at this point in time and not as much into the In Memory aspect of large scale interrogation of data sets in HDFS.  Maybe after the first exam.  The Administrator exam would be after that, and probably not take the Java Exam as that is more Hadoop 1.0.

This blog post simply consolidates some of the available links to get your started with Certification from Hortonworks platform.
Thanks for reading~!