Some New Learning Opportunities for Microsoft Data Professionals

The world of data is growing.  Microsoft is setting the pace.  New features to applications.  New product offerings.

Here's a link from the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Blog:

Introducing a new Github Repository and PowerShell scripts for Reporting Services

SQL Server is getting some good updates!

Power BI just celebrated it's one year anniversary, along with the continuous release cycle of cool new features!

Happy First Birthday to Power BI!

Celebrate Power BI's birthday with a month of Community events!

Here's a post on two combined technologies for Microsoft Business Intelligence, R and Power BI

R for the masses with Power BI

And the upcoming Microsoft Data Science Summit September 26-27 in Atlanta:

Join us at the Microsoft Data Science Summit

And a new version of SQL Server 2016.

And some cutting edge previews, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services integrate  apps using artificial intelligence algorithms for vision, speech, language, and knowledge.

The pace of newness is awesome.  And allows us to deliver value with cutting edge technology to provide useful insights.

This train isn't slowing down anytime soon.