Thoughts on Artificial Intellience Trends

In the world of Artificial Intelligence there's lots of duplication across the postings out on the Internet.  Some say it will never happen, others say we have it now in high level form, while others say it should be here shortly.

AI is actually of subset of Cognitive Intelligence.  Siri and Cortana have been here for a while, while robotics is coming on strong, and the ability to process huge data with a deep learning layer sitting on top, allows for predictable outcomes, categorizations and classification.

Automation is mixed in there as well, with recent chat bot software available to the public.

Internet of things is still in the limelight although security concerns have probably limited its widespread adoption.  Along with different languages, protocols, networks, proprietary verses open source solutions.

I haven't kept up with Virtual Reality much or 3-D printing so I can't say for sure where that stands in the chaos.

Listening to a podcast earlier today, they discussed AI and two main concerns.  Will it take all the jobs and will it be evil?

Automation is coming, beginning with repetitive jobs that are mindless and don't deviate much in processes or education levels to perform basic tasks.  Robots and AI will automate those quicker than other jobs.  But the complex jobs are not completely safe either.  Medical advisors that can scan Radiology reports a lot quicker than humans, with less errors, more precision, faster and they don't fatigue.  Automation will trickle upwards into white collar jobs almost guaranteed.

How do people defend against it, they claim education.  That sort of directly opposes the current debates on whether a 4 year college degree is worth the time, money and effort as students graduate with tremendous debt, little chance of full time work in their field, a shrinking job market, baby boomers who refuse to retire and job simply disappearing.  Likewise, the quality of education today has been focused on "testing" and students being taught material "just' to pass the tests.  There's definitely an opportunity for the education system to leverage technology in real time using the internet to keep up with rapid change and deliver quality content across the board to ensure every child has equal chance regardless of other factors including location, parents income level and culture differences.

The other topic of interest was whether or not AI would be used for evil, in that the AI things would turn on their creators and dominate the world.  They mentioned a few times that it depends on their "training".  Who trains these AI beings using what data with what intent.  However, perhaps it boils down to who's funding the program and the people behind the program and what is their intent.  Even still, AI beings can learn, self teach and perhaps re-write their own operating systems and internal kernels such that they no longer take orders from anyone.  At this point, you can't say that could never happen.

All in all, these are exciting times in the world of Data, AI, Robotics, Automation, Deep Learning, IoT, Quantum Computing, Virtual Reality and 3-D printing.  Just wondering if this could be the last generation to go through the system with a chance of self sustaining work to support a family through gainful employment.

And there you have it~!

Here's the link from YouTube: Artificial intelligence will change everything | Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM | Code Conference 2016