Multiple Barriers for Entry into Advanced Sciences

The scientific model is used to validate things as "facts".  We state a hypothesis, runs tasks over time, documenting minute details during the testing, and if the outcome matches our guess, it's fact.  If it fails, then its incorrect and adjustments are made to the hypothesis and tried again.

Some things can't be measured, duplicated or the costs to run experiments is too high.  Or we need to build a billion dollar infrastructure to test our theories, which takes years of effort and hoops of red tape to get funding, if you're lucky.

And of course, there's the inherent mathematics behind everything to prove things.  Sometimes, new math needs to be created.  Lots of discoveries happen when some person goes through the stacks at on old library, finds a gem in an old book and re-discoveries something that a non-famous person discovered hundreds of years ago.

And many of our presumed facts are clearly inaccurate or just wrong.  We sure have come a long way over the years.  Except somehow they were able to build monoliths of magnificent proportion thousands of years ago before advanced math and track the stars in the sky before telescopes.

Lots of discoveries happen over the years by people on the sidelines, tinkering with advanced subject, who don't really have a stake in the game.  The thing is, in order to advance mankind with new ideas and inventions, we need to have critical thinking skills along with freedom to roam and explore new territory.  When you're embedded in the one of the sectors of a specific science, and you derive some new theory, and it doesn't align with established thinking, you're labeled a crackpot, risk losing funding and reputation.

So there's a mote across basic science preventing non-professionals in, lots of fierce competition among the intellectual elite and the entry takes years of schooling and advanced degrees that take 25 years.  With so much invested, the pecking order is well established and the experts dictate 'truth' downhill.

There's a history of brilliant minds who never got credit for their amazing ideas.  The scientific model, which states you must prove something in a lab which is documented and reproducible, keeps a stranglehold on new discoveries.  As does the required funding, authorization, education requirements, peer support, testing infrastructure and access to material.

We need to come out of the dark ages and provide new entry ways to some of the advanced concepts and technologies to propel mankind forward.  Our legacy system needs an upgrade.