Data Vendor Sprawl

We talk about the data warehouse back in the day, IT had too much control, users weren't getting data behind closed walls.

Enter self service Business Intelligence, stage right.  Whip out a credit card, get sweet talked by a new vendor, bam, you've got yourself a new Business Intelligence infrastructure.

Guess what, so did the department to your left, and your right.  Now your IT team does an assessment, we've got 5 different vendor Business Intelligence platforms to contend with.

Support, finding qualified developers, training staff, backups, data mismatches, reports don't match.

Freedom comes with a cost.  The cost is fragmented technologies and data vendor sprawl.

We all want freedom.  To feel empowered.  To make a difference.  In order to have that freedom, we need structure.  Otherwise its a free for all.

Sure we don't understand much of what the IT folks are talking about, about Star Wars and teleportation and some new video game they played over the weekend for 54 hours straight.  But to democratize data, we need someone to steer the ship.  I say the Chief Data Officer is designed to handle such tasks.

It seems the CDO role is increasing in larger organizations, which is great.  Data platforms need to be consistent, to reduce costs, get bundled savings, similar developer skills, etc.

Because if you have 5 different vendors under one roof, and all 5 release new version, and 5 developers leave, the business doesn't want any hiccups in anything, deliver or perish.

To alleviate data vendor sprawl, you need some one at the helm, either a Chief Data Officer or Business Intelligence Competency Center or part of the CIO role, someone needs to be responsible and implement some corporate structure.