Universal Internet Connection Mandatory of IoT to Scale

Why is internet connection such a hassle?  When you're at work, you have access.  At home, you have connection.  Consume as much data as you want.

And if you stop at a coffee shop, you can tunnel in through their corporate WiFi.

Yet if you step out of your WiFi zone, no connection.  Unless you go through your cell phone provider, except they gobble up the data packets so you have to be careful.

Why is there not a better solution to WiFi anywhere you go?

Especially if the goal is to connect anything and everything.  It would seem the Internet of Things might need internet connection at some point to transmit the data packets up to the central hub.  What if you're not in a WiFi zone, or not at home, or not at work or a coffee shop?

Well, there's talk of internet connectivity through the use of high flying balloons, satellite systems and radio frequencies designated for IoT.

Still, currently it seems limited.

Why not have a single provider, when you're at home, you go through cable or telephone or satellite.  When you leave the house, the same company provider picks up your signal via satellite, seamlessly, transparent to the users.  For a low cost not based on internet data packet consumption.

Or perhaps a network of connected providers that pick up traffic in specific areas and share the profit across regions.

Is there a way to connect to the internet without going through a provider, I don't think so.  You have to go through a middle man.  But that leaves limited options for the consumer.

In order for the Internet of Things to scale, we need universal internet access from anywhere, anytime.  Without that, how does it expect to scale to billions of devices?  Maybe someone really smart is already working on this.

And so it goes~!