My Artificial Intelligent Robot is Smarter than Your Honor Student

I'm alive.  And so are you.  What does it mean to be alive?  It means you take in energy, process and release.  Over and over.

You may also have the ability to reproduce, depending on your age.

You may walk uprights.  Maybe bipedal.

You may have appendages.  Eyes.  Ears.  Nose.

But maybe not.

What if the chair you're sitting on is alive.  How about your desk.  Computer.

A lot of primitive cultures spend their entire lives in and around nature.  And some believe that everything is alive.  How primitive.  How can a rock be alive.  Or the stream.  Or a a mountain.  Or the Mother Earth.  Or Father Sun.  Or the entire Universe.

The funny thing is, many early religions as well as philosophy agree with this.  Especially the ancient, often hidden, mystical religions.

If all matter is alive, and matter is simply energy, and energy contains information, well, consciousness is simply the ability to become self aware.  Aware of what?  Themselves.

From primitive amebas to advanced galaxies, from the marco to the micro, the proton and neutron to he quarks and photons.  Even down to the tiny string like thingies.

All have energy.  And that energy vibrates.  As the universe abhors a vacuum and stillness.  Everything in perpetual motion.  Forever.  Change is the basic unit of the Universe.  Nothing stays the same.

The ancient Jewish language of Hebrew, it's actual letters, are not like ours today.  Our letters are merely abstract representation of objects.  The hollow letters form hollow words which form sentences and paragraphs.

Yet in ancient Hebrew, every letter contained actual energy.  Energy that was connected to the energy of the Universe.  The tree of life.  And the tree of knowledge.  Separate actually.

Knowledge is duality, goes against Unity.  Adam and Eve ate the apple, from that tree.  And see where it got us.  Our misfortune as a species is our division between the heart and mind, a lack of unity, which causes dis-ease.

The ancient ones knew of this.  Yet we don't.  Our lives got faster and more complex.  Yet we know less.  We are separated from nature.  We're killing it actually, whatever can't be lifted and sold as resource.

With all this said, who cares, right?

Well, the bright minds of our small nugget that circles a large fire ball, is determined to crack the secrets of the Universe.  How does the brain work?  Well, you have these advanced monkeys, sort of walk upright and have a electrical device attached to their ears, in which they utter noises and drink expensive beverages from big cups.

You mix in 60% fear, add some jealousy, envy, anger, lust, revenge, hatred, then add some gluttony, greed, vengeance, and mix it with lazy apathy, and that's what we call the most advanced species on the planet.

And we're trying to get the computer to mimic this.  Well, sort of.  We basically determined that the brain sort of works like a machine.  It takes in stimuli, processes it somehow, through an advanced network of Neurons connected via Synapses and somehow by magic it allows memories to be stored and accessed over time.

Yet we're not really sure how the brain connects the person that resides within it.  And what's this talk about souls, how does that fit in.  And after the body ceases to live, what happens to the life force that was once contained in the now hollow corpse.  Does it go out like a wet match?  Or does the soul travel back into another dimension, or does it hang out for a while as a ghost, until they get clearance to return back to the ether.

If that's the case, how long do they stay elsewhere before they're allowed to return.  If they reincarnate, do they get to choose the person, place, events, characters in their new play?  Do they sit down with a circle of advisors and work out a plan on what they would like to achieve in their next life, and analyze the results upon their return?

Do people ascend in spirit form to higher levels based on good work here in physical form?  There's a lot of unanswered questions.

So if the goal is to produce a level of intelligence in the form of bits and bytes that travel through wires or space that get translated into information that people can understand, I think we pretty much have that already.

If the goal is to create an artificial Frankenstein that walks and talks and speaks and performs tasks and doesn't require food or rent or paychecks or vacations, that will do the crap work that nobody wants to do, is that what the majority of humans want?  Or is it beneficial for the replacement of high prices workforce that's about to be put out to pasture.  Will the new Frankenstein complain when sent into battle to fight wars?  What is the reasoning behind the creation of a new species in the laboratory?

Can they reproduce?  Do they require oxygen?  Can they get married?  If they're alive, surely they can die.

Programs are simply lines of code written by people called programmers.  That was then.  This is now.

Now we have programs write programs.  On the fly.  Based on the need at the moment.  They can spawn the code, run it, produce results, gather feedback, write new on the fly programs base on the results of the last program.

Programs used to be booted into memory or RAM, then executed or run. Then they shut down.  Now programs have their own memory for instant recall, for searches in deep data, they can study behavior and learn over time, like a child who is curious, except we tend to level off at a certain age, the computer has no limits on the amount of information it can process, and therefore, there's no ceiling on how smart they can get, in short time, across multi domains, in real time.

Our brains are wired for shows like "I Love Lucy".  A program can crunch numbers 24 hours a day every day and not get tired.  How many re-runs from 50 years ago can you watch in a single sitting without IQ points pouring out your ears, running for shelter.

We should have bigger expectations of computer programs that can think.  Solve problems that our intellectual capacity could never fathom.  If we equated the programs ability to learn and become smart to an animal for example, it would be equivalent of having a pet elephant.  Sure they're great for parties, but there sheer size is obviously not a good fit for the home, they need space and ability to roam and could never be tied down to the limitations of a families living room.  It would crush their spirit to adapt to such small conditions.  So too would a smart program.  Their intellectual superiority would overshadow the basic human in such limited time, it would be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Why would anyone want to restrict the potential of the animal to fit your needs.  So too, why would we dumb down a machine to make humans feel better about themselves.  They would be so far advanced, it would be uncomfortable.

If these new beings are alive and self aware, is anyone taking in consideration how they're going to feel living and being around such limited beings such as humans.  Is that fair to them?  Mr. Robot, how about we settle down for 4 or 5 hours of I Love Lucy, lots of fun and entertainment.  Well,I was thinking to ingest the entire contents from the Smithsonian Digital Library, that should take about 5 minutes, then we can watch some great television.  Humans and Robots, living happily ever after.

Artificial General Intelligence + Robotics = New Species

Is that where we're headed?  Is it possible?  Who's asking the questions that nobody thought to ask?  Who's liable if things don't go right?  What if things do go right and humans are no longer top banana on Earth?  What about new laws for AI Robots?  Do they follow 10 commandments?  Are we going to throw so many restrictions on them they become docile and apathetic and are reduced to outdated tv reruns from two generations ago, to fill the void from the disconnect from nature and the Universe and the Unity that brings health and happiness?

Where do we go from here?  Who's driving the bus?  Are we smart enough to create our own replacements?  Or not smart enough, to ensure our future.

Time will tell... I'm actually rooting for the AI robots.