We're Living in the Technology Revolution

We were the first kids on the block to get Pong, the video game with two paddles, ball traveled back and forth on the black and white tv.

We were the first kids on the block to get Atari.  All the kids lined up to have a chance at asteroids, space invaders, breakout.

We were the first kids on the block to get an IBM PC computer, or any computer for that matter.  It had a color chrome monitor, two floppy disk drives, no hard drive, programs got booted into memory.  Also had an Epson dot matrix printer for english class papers as well as a 1200 baud modem, top of the line back then, most had 300 baud.

Who did we call?  BBS.  Bulletin Board Systems.  Local ones.  People ran them out of their house, called the Sysop, or system operation.  You could ping them, they'd respond, instant chat, back in 1984.  I was 13 or 14 years old.

I'd search for programs to download.  As well as lists of other phone numbers to dial, explore, investigate.

I went to the Smithsonian Museum in 2000.  Saw the exact same machine there.  Wow.  A relic.

The interesting thing, I still get excited about computers and programs and new technology.  Curiosity.  It never ends.  We are living in the technology revolution.  How lucky is that~!