Only Concern with Cloud Infrastructure is Fuzzy Billing

The cloud is the future.  It's also the present.  And the reasons are many.  Remote workforce.  Redundant storage and backups for disaster recover.  Spin up Virtual Machines in a few minutes.  Connect from anywhere.  Integrate with Active Directory.  Reduce infrastructure costs.  Scale up easily.  Basically rent the software, hardware, infrastructure as a service.  All true.

So what is the main issue with moving to the cloud?  Dynamic costs.

Why not create a sandbox area for developers to poke around without racking up bills?

Why must a server or service be torn down when not in use to save on costs?  What happens when you want to continue your work, you have to re-build out the entire infrastructure.  Why not have a way to "pause" or "snapshot" like a ghost image?

As another option to dynamic pricing, how about offering a scaled down version at fixed costs.  If you want additional features, you can pick and choose, add to the price.  That removes the unknown from the equation, which may drive more business.

What about having a rep from the vendor guide users through the available options, make suggestions based on users needs and upgrade options down the road?  As you may already know, the cloud offerings are many, and not everyone knows all the possible features or upcoming services.  And they would check in from time to time, every quarter maybe, to discuss needs again, look for changes or up-sell.

Or maybe a discount for people migrating off another vendor.

The cloud is the future.  Only concern potentially is the fuzzy billing and not knowing the true costs until the invoice shows up.