Hello Viv 'the intelligent interface for everything'

Artificial Intelligence is in the news.  As it should be.  The next iteration of smart machines.  Where are we now?  Well, the next version of Siri, called Viv, is being discussed.

The intelligence creates its own programs, within a few tenths of a second, depending on what the users intent was: "generates program, software that is writing itself, good for scaling" Dynamic programming, not hard coded.

Seems like a program that can write it's own programs, that's big.

Here's a good video with demo and Q&A:

Viv can be customized by developers to handle new domains.  This is quite a nice development in the evolution of smart machines.

And here's a good article:  http://techcrunch.com/2016/05/09/siri-creator-shows-off-first-public-demo-of-viv-the-intelligent-interface-for-everything/

Thanks for watching~!