Getting Started with Tableau Software Step 2

Welcome to Step 2 in our series 'Getting Started with Tableau Software'.

In case you missed Step 1, you can find it here.

So let's get started.

From the worksheet, you can click on the button here in Red and you can see the raw data which comprises the Chart visualization:

There's a 'Copy' button on the right, when clicked, you can copy the raw data into Excel:

Next, to create a 'Filter', drop a field, in this case, 'Product Key' and drag to the 'Filters' box.  A Dialog Box appears, where you can apply rules.  In this case we 'Select from list' and chose the Product Keys that begin with '2':

And we see the 'Product Key' filter:

The Chart changes accordingly to limit the data set to the items selected in the filter:

And you can see the filter on the right hand side of the screen, where you can select different filter items:

Above, you can see we selected a few additional Product Keys and they instantly appeared on the Graph:

If you hover over an item or right click, different menu's appear with different settings and options like 'Exclude' or 'Hide' or 'Create Set' or 'View Raw Data'.  Likewise, you can do the same thing when selecting the green area in the chart above.

Also, there's a box 'Show Me' which allows you to change the Chart type of the fly:

With a single click we can change to:

Or 'Bubbles' chart:

Thanks for reading Step 2 in our series 'Getting Started with Tableau Software'.