Getting Started with Tableau Software Step 1

To get started with Tableau, the first thing to do is download the client software, current version is 9.3 from their website.

After the download completes, begin the install.

Once installed load the software.  You will be prompted to begin the evaluation now, later or register the product.  Choose your appropriate option.

Once, registered, open the software.  First you'll need to connect to a data source.  I connected to a local instance of SQL Server 2012 with AdventureWorksDW2012.  Enter your credentials and Tableau connects to the data source and takes you to a screen displaying the connection as well as the available tables:

Cool.  Next thing to do is drag some tables to the canvas, I selected the 'FactInternetSales' fact table:

Next, I set the Sort Fields to 'A to Z ascending':

In the upper right hand corner of the canvas, there's an option to connect to your data source 'Live' or 'Extract':

I selected the 'Extract' option:

Notice the message displayed 'Extract will include all data.'

Next, there's an option to add 'Filters':

After clicking the 'Add...' link, a dialog box pops up, click 'Add...' and we see:

I choose the 'Product Key' field.  The Filter Dialog box appears:

I selected all, and said 'Ok'.

 Next, saved the Data Source file and it opened to the Worksheet mode.

Here you can see familiar Dimensions and Measures.  So I added the 'Order Quantity to the report, and it automatically Sums the field.  Next added 'Product Key' to the Rows.  And it automatically created a nice Chart:

Next, the bottom left hand side of the screen, I went ahead and right clicked the tab to rename, calling it 'Internet Sales':

Next, click the save button to save the Tableau Workbook as 'Internet Sales':

You can easily change the color of the Chart by selecting the 'Color' option, changed to Green:

Then you can easily change the Chart type to another option by selecting something from the drop down box 'Automatic':

Here I selected the 'Area' type:

And of course, Save your work.

So that's 'Step 1' of how to get started with Tableau Software.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on Getting Started with Tableau Software.

Thanks for reading~!