Every Company Is now in the Data Business

Name a business.  Any business.  Doesn't matter what they do.  I bet they have some software applications.  And I bet those software applications store off their data into some type of repository.  And I bet some of that data could potentially be used to increase sales, reduce costs or streamline processes.  Just a hunch.

Because every company, organization or team is now in the data business.  Like it or not.  Data matters.  Data is an asset.  Data can be leverage to help your organization compete and thrive in the years ahead.

Or not.  We've always done it this way.  I have my secretary print out my emails so I don't have to connect to a PC.  I'm really not that fond of all this IT gibberish, we'll keep doing things the way we've always done them.

For me, in the mid 1990's the management team wasn't getting good reports from IT.  So they asked for a volunteer to create some production reports.  I volunteered.

Soon managers from all over were calling to ask for reports.  I was sort of a junior level programmer, entry level salary, yet they were calling to get information, which I could provide, in the form of Crystal Reports.

Except being young and ambitions, who wants to stick around making entry level salary while the consultant sitting next to you is earning 3 times your salary to do the same thing.

I went in search of more experience.  Eventually the salary would have to start climbing.

My next job was to create Crystal Reports against Oracle databases for healthcare clients.  The reports were used in Hospitals for timekeeping, the company was called Kronos.  I created a lot of reports to keep track of hours from different angles.  That was a fun job.  Except I was still at entry level salary.

So I went to the Electric company, to program in Visual Basic against Oracle. And that was a fun job.  A real IT department with really smart people.  I met a bunch of consultants who taught me a lot.  Except my salary was still entry level.

After they announce the a buyout from another company, I was the first to find another job.  Finally a substantial bump in salary.  Now I'd be writing reports for a credit card processing company, using a product called Actuate.  And that was a fun job.  

The bottom line, all companies have data.  They all need reports, and Business Intelligence.  My IT career started out in data, writing reports, for upper management.  And I realized sooner than later how important the data was.  Sure the front end apps were slick and fancy, but the management was more interested in the data.  Back then, data was the red headed stepchild, one step below documentation writer.  But over time, people saw the light.  And now data is the new oil, the new electricity, the new asset for people to leverage.

I feel like I've been there from the beginning.  Probably because I was, 20 years ago.  Still trying to get the numbers to match after all these years.

And there you have it~!