Where Are All the Data Insight Success Stories - 10 Questions

If you're interested in the data space, there's no shortage of offerings.  From In-Memory solutions to embedded analytics to big data platforms and streaming data.  You can view the data from any touch point along the trail.  Consolidated data warehouses.  Self Service ETL and Dashboards.  Real time mobile analytics.  Whatever your data heart fancies.

Where are all the data insight success stories.  Real people. Solving real world problems.  On a daily basis.  I know they're out there.  With the amount of resources and people and time and energy put into the data space right now, surely there are people who leverage their data as an asset, to derive insights and apply changes downstream.

To increase sales.  Decrease costs.  And streamline processes.

You have data.  The data gets massaged.  Lands in a central place downstream.  People view that data.  Look for patterns.  Derive insights.  Apply changes or action.

That's the life cycle as we know it.  I know all the heavy lifting is occurring.  So here's a set of questions I'm curious about:
  1. How has the data changed your business?
  2. What actions were taken based on the data results?
  3. Would you have found these insights with traditional methods, like gut or intuition? 
  4. What was the return on investment (ROI) for your data investment?
  5. Did you have sufficient resources within your organization, or did you have to look outside the org?
  6. Did the technology stack change mid-way through the project engagement?
  7. How difficult was the entire effort, what were the pain points?
  8. Who owns your data initiative, IT, the Business or Chief Data Officer?
  9. Was the business involved throughout the project life cycle?
  10. Was your project a success?