#IoT Apps to Produce Reporting Metrics up to the MilliSecond

Reports are the lifeblood of any organization.

How many units shipped last week, month, year, inception to date.  Static reports.  Data warehouse reports.  Dashboards.  Self service reports.  Visualizations.

What we need are some real time reports.  Minute over minute updates.  How do we accomplish?  Through sensors.  Internet of Things.

Imagine the lightning fast metrics we could measure, from remote locations, in real time.

Ring.  Hello.  Uh, Bob, we noticed you weren't as productive the past 10 minutes.  Everything alright?  Uh, how do you know what I'm doing in another part of the country.  Don't worry about that Bob, please get back to work.

Or better yet, initiate a command to send an electronic jolt, that'll wake him up, just kidding.  Not really.

The Internet of Things can and will report on remote activity up to the second.  And that info is vital to many organizations.  For many reasons.

Just imagine all the new products and services to be offered.  Kind of reminds me of the apps built for the smart phones developers.  Maybe there's a potential market to spin off some type of quick IoT application, plug in, and go.  Kind of like lego blocks.  Just add pieces to an existing framework.

Dual purpose perhaps.  Once the vendor hardware is in place, with embedded sensors, operating system, application, network and connection to the central hub, perhaps add some more apps, like plug and play.

And perhaps have your app communicate with another IoT application, in a network grid of connected devices and sensors remotely talking back to the central hub along with other hubs.  Sort of like the entire earth lit up with synapses firing at random intervals, an invisible electronic network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lots of possibilities.