Speed up the Adoption of the Internet of Things - Wireless Connectivity

Information of Things or IoT for short, is poking its head into mainstream technology.  The ability to have remote sensors, distributed across the planet, that send packets of information across the internet, to a central hub, for storage, processing, analytics and alerts.

There are existing frameworks, standards, best practices and protocols.  However, it's already seen signs of splintering, proprietary hardware, variety of software packages, etc.  Throw in security concerns, project costs, lack of qualified talent, and there are potential hiccups along the way.

Looking from a high 10,000 foot view, one thing that could speed up the process, in my opinion, is to have a world wide wireless internet.  Not individual connections to the internet via cable or WiFi, but completely wireless access from anywhere, anytime.

That would remove one of the restrictions of the process flow for the complete Internet of Things architecture and ecosystems.  A wireless internet would not be concerned if my connected washing machine was temporarily moved outside my house WiFi connection, onto a shipping truck, then the repair shop.  It would always be connected.  So if I had a sensor in my shirt, to track certain metrics, I could roam the planet, always connected, with the sensor sending information uninterrupted, having to synch back to the hub, in batch mode, once reconnected.

What we need is an actual web that anyone can access from anywhere anytime.  Could be done with satellites, balloon in the stratosphere, Universal Radio Frequency, or some other technology, to be named later.  That would surely speed up the adoption of the Internet of Things.