Artificial Intelligence Isn't Another Recycled Business Process Software App

What do you do for a living?

Well, I get paid to re-write an existing software application.  It's designed in X technology. My job is to upgrade it to the latest "hot" language/framework.

My, that's very impressive.  Are you inventing a new product?

No, the actual product has been around for a half a century.  In fact, it has all the basic functions to run a business.  From accounting, to lead generation, to tracking the sales and finances.  Before it was an application, people did the same function, yet by paper and pen. In fact, you can trace the same business process back hundreds of years.  Maybe thousands.

So in fact, you aren't inventing anything new.  Just putting a new wrapper on the same product, bundle it and resell for profit.


And so, our story describes many software developers. 

What have you done that's never been done before?

Well, we take these numbers here, and we tweak them here, then roll them up here, and display them here.  Then some people review the numbers and make some decisions, like who to fire, replace, automate, or give bonus too.

That process has been done for a very long time.  Maybe one of man's first occupations.  Abacus maybe?

So again, what have you invented that's never been done before?

Well, we do all our work in the Cloud.  The Cloud is a bunch of hosted servers, not on-premise.  It allows workers from all over the world to contribute and collaborate.  In addition to provide a platform for our site and data.

Haven't you just moved the internal infrastructure off site, pay as you go service or monthly contract?  We had the same functionality back in the mainframe days.

I don't think anyone is creating something entirely new.

Oh, there's one other thing.  It's called Artificial Intelligence.  It's basically some intelligent software that can learn over time.  It simulates the human brain in that it's wired with neurons and synapses and can select the best probable outcome based on millions of data points, in a fraction of a second.  These Artificial Algorithms will soon be able to process multiple domains.  And the programs will be integrated into Robots and other devices, that have the ability to move from place to place, they have vision, they can process sounds, touch, tastes and smells.  In fact, they can perform the function of many skilled workers.  Oh, they don't require vacation, or health benefits.  They'll work 24 hours per day.  And you can replace them without much thought or severance pay. Is this technology the type of invention you were looking for?

Precisely.  This my friend, is something that's never been done before.  This is not the recycling of business processes with the latest framework.  This is truly a new concept.  This will revolutionize the workforce as well as life on planet Earth.

Finally, something new.  Artificial Intelligence.