Advanced Technologies on Linux Operating Systems Only

I grew up on PC-Dos.  Then Windows.  From time to time, had jobs that required Unix or Linux.  The majority of my career has been Windows based.

Enter Hadoop, stage left.  Based in Linux world.

Enter Artificial Intelligence platforms, stage right.  Based in Linux world.

For me personally, having to maneuver in Linux, everything takes a lot longer.  The commands are not at the tip of the tongue.

Perhaps those of who work on Windows should just learn Linux once and for all.  In the meantime, this is a potential blocker and additional hurdle for entry into the advanced concepts required to learn new technology.

Yes, Azure has HDInsight, cloud based.  And Hortonworks and Microsoft teamed up to provide a Windows based version of Hadoop, much appreciated.

But then again, if we are going to learn advanced concepts such as artificial intelligence and neural networks, I suppose learning the operating system is just part of the process.