Where is the World of Data Heading?

First we had reports.  Then we had Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.  Then we had Hadoop and Big Data.

What's next?  An entire data platform.  Including relational databases, flat files, non structured data, large data, fast data, small data.  Any data.

Where?  In the cloud.  Or on-premise.  Or hybrid.

We're talking streaming data.  Events from senors and devices and applications.  Apply a layer of machine learning.  In real time.  Analyzed by domain experts.   To make decisions and alter processes.  To save money and reduce costs.

At some point, humans will be removed from the equation.  For a true artificial intelligence.

For now, it's about collecting, aggregating and deciphering the data.

Will we still have reports?  Business Intelligence?  Yes.  However, it seems the world of data is going to the next level.  As in data platforms in the cloud, accessible anywhere, anytime.  We merely architect the system, set it up and let it run.

That's what I see.