How do we get to true Artificial General Intelligence

I think reality as we know it is in for one major disruption.  I think the new reality will combine many new technologies.

Including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computers, Massive Parallel Query Execution in real time and especially Virtual Reality.

The thing is, in order to create Artificial General Intelligence, the computer must simulate a human being.  And the best way to accomplish this is to bring the human to the virtual reality, home of the code/algorithms.

Google has already simulated a neural network artificial intelligence to self learn the game "Breakout".  In just a few short days, it surpassed the human's best score and plays to almost perfection.  Quite a break through.

So if a computer can become master of it's domain, why not allow it live in it's natural domain, in the land of code.

Then mix artificial intelligence with massive data sets, that cross domains.  Right now, neural networks are limited to one specific domain to become experts.  With the ability to query massive data sets, we open the door to new possibilities.

And then throw in Quantum Computers, which use an alternative method for computation.  Instead of using binary combinations of zero's and one's, it leverages a newer science called Quantum Physics, which behaves in bizarre scenarios.  In this world, you can have a state in which the binary can be both zero and one at the same time.  This allows for more scenarios to be calculated in the same time interval, thus, expanded the computation power, which is exactly what's needed for the next leap in AI.

Another thing, if we had this virtual reality, maybe we could upload our memories, thus, allowing humans to live for ever, long after the body deteriorates.  And perhaps remove some of the bad memories.

I think we are approaching the Perfect Storm of computation power, in a good way.  In order to get to Artificial General Intelligence or "Strong AI", we'll need to leverage and combine Neural Networks, massive data sets, parallel query capability, quantum computers and virtual reality.  Perhaps then, finally, we'll make some real progress.

Stay tuned~!