New Azure Virtual Machine Preconfigured for Data Science

Microsoft Azure is a platform to do just about anything.  They have so many software tools to choose from, it's an entire ecosystem on the web.

Since I've been programming in Microsoft since Visual Basic 4.0, I'm a definite fan.

Today there was a blog post: http://blogs.technet.com/b/machinelearning/archive/2015/11/23/announcing-the-availability-of-the-microsoft-data-science-virtual-machine.aspx introducing a new product, a Machine Learning pre-configured Virtual Machine.

So naturally I logged on, and proceeded to create the new VM:


Now we start the Virtual Machine:

So we're up and running.  And it appears, this new Virtual Machine has lots of Data Science goodies to get started with.

Including Azure Storage application to move files up to Azure Storage, Power BI Desktop for reporting and visualizations as well as connecting to different data sources and massaging the data.

It's got Revolution R application.  SQL Server 2014 limited edition.  Visual Studio 2015.  Python.  And links to Azure.  And Power Shell.

So if you need a server in a hurry, this is a great option.  It's funny though, I already have every application installed on my laptop.

So there you have it~!