The Information Race - Data is the Virtual Asset with Unlimited Supply

At one time, you could get really rich by purchasing assets that were scarce.  Land for instance.  However, just about every piece of land on the planet has been surveyed, assessed for possible extraction of resources, plotted and purchased.  There's very little untouched land on the planet.  The resource has been used up.

So without any land to purchase, what other resources are available to exploit, plunder and profit?


What is information?  It's an accumulation of data.  And where's the data?  Everywhere.  Every company is collection information minute by minute.  And those with the financial backing, leverage and people to transform data into information, will rise to the top.  Because information is the biggest asset going right now.  The quantities are unlimited potentially, unlike land, that plateau's at a certain point.

And the information is an asset.  And processing that information is power.  So those who have the financial backing to process data into information will be the next overlords of the planet.  Not land owners.

You can already start to see some of the big players purchasing huge volumes of data.  The "Information Race" has begun.  The "Arms Race" was yesterday's news.

Data is the Virtual Asset with Unlimited Supply.